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Welcome to Irrational Number Line Games' little home on the web! We hope to become a comfortable stop in the eternal journey for that perfect wargaming experience. Tutorials, examples, and templates abound on the Internet, many with lots of tips for high end details. Our main effort is providing examples, ideas, and suggestions for the regular wargamer. Nothing wrong with high end stuff. We love it and we buy tons of it. But there's also nothing wrong with finding ways to do good, solid work without investing every spare hour in detailomania.

Our forté is simple, cheap, yet (surprisingly?) robust aids for wargaming. Tools, games, scenarios, swag, advice, examples, experience, philosophical musings, resources, hints, tips, miscelanea. We will both provide our own (some for free, some for sale) and point you to others' (some for sale, some for free). And we hope (again) to help wargamers who stop by to share, trade, and learn.

Also, check out our stuff on our Google+ page. Same stuff ... Googlier format.


28 APR 2019 : More boxes. More cans. More buildings.

27 APR 2019 : Behold the future that is A K U !

20 APR 2019 : How incredible are my modifications? This much!

20 APR 2019 : Had a Cthulu themed game day with this game for reasons.

15 APR 2019 : And with a leftover lower brain and "spider skeleton" bit a hideous bug moster emerges.

12 APR 2019 : Sci fi monster madness ... brains in different sizes, colours, and styles.

12 APR 2019 : Just a few small hordes of figures.

07 APR 2019 : 28mm furniture from quarterscale dollhouse stuff.

06 APR 2019 : A small collection of different small conversion projects. Not big theme ones or major changes, just a few little tweaks to liven things up.

05 MAR 2019 : And one more scifi scratchbuild made from bottle caps.

05 MAR 2019 : A few more scifi small bits made from various caps.

01 MAR 2019 : A set of select minis mak the Addams Family with just a little rework and a good macabre paint job.

10 FEB 2019 : Leftover bodies, wires, and clay make floating slug monsters.

10 FEB 2019 : A forge, a building, and an outbilding one, two, three.

09 FEB 2019 : Gelatinous Rectangular Prism

09 FEB 2019 : Science fiction cloning tanks.

09 FEB 2019 : Two conversions for the price of one! Shark + rhino = Sharknocerous + Land Hammerhead

03 FEB 2019 : Guest sculpting appearance by my daughter with The Plight of the Nautilus!

25 JAN 2019 : LEGO penguins. NISM?

25 JAN 2019 : Bits and pieces make a nice commie monument.

25 JAN 2019 : Christmas village votive buildings on sale? Awesome conversions on the horizon!

17 JAN 2019 : Some quick and easy scifi indoor terrain made with bits and left overs.

17 JAN 2019 : A couple quick repaints of foam toy aircraft that work well for 15mm scale figures.

14 JAN 2019 : Hazmat Techs because look at all the massively unsafe things you've blown up during your wargames.

14 JAN 2019 : New additions (and older conversions) for magma monsters! The new ones are shown with the old ones.

12 JAN 2019 : A few more Doctor Who minis painted up.

10 JAN 2019 : Chicka*-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka ... It's the Disco Destroyers ! Chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka

* - Chicka is the sound of sixteenth notes on a hihat.

05 JAN 2019 : I had some figures who needed a shield wall as an option for one of their tactical formations.

05 JAN 2019 : We all keep blister packing materials. Because we can make something with them. But, now, I will make some rocky terrain plates out of a few I have collected up.

05 JAN 2019 : I like tea. I like streetside food stands. I like tea from streetside food stands. So I made some streetside food stands from old tea boxes. I need to drink more tea ...

05 JAN 2019 : Cheap plastic toys become Mighty Cthulhu! Ia! Ia!

29 NOV 2018 : Start with orcs. Add guitars and drums. End with Detroit, Orc City!

23 NOV 2018 : Start with orcs. Add wings. End with angels?

21 NOV 2018 : Some giants and giant conversions.

21 NOV 2018 : More cybernetic women.

11 AUG 2018 : More animal tribe orcs.

11 AUG 2018 : Some fantasy kitsune conversions made from scifi raccoons.

10 AUG 2018 : Who are you?
No ... tell me Who you are.
Why should I tell you. You already have it right.
OK. No more Abbot and Costello. Straight to the Doctor Who conversions.

10 AUG 2018 : The After Action Review for the lastest Jurassic World Cup. This time, JWC - The Deep!

27 JUL 2018 : Postapoc and Retro SciFi gang members.

06 JUL 2018 : Commie Rat-Bastard Gorillas from Outer Space - right here!

05 JUL 2018 : Vermin! Specifically ... space mice and ratmen

04 JUL 2018 : What do you get if you cross Spawn with Raven? This!

03 JUL 2018 : Giants are great since you can use them for multiple scales, depending on how big you want the giants to be. The same goes for giant bones embedded in hills as a terrain piece.

02 JUL 2018 : Two variations on the theme of rockmen from a common base.

18 JUN 2018 : I just added some 15mm Sontarans to my Dr. Who Risk armies. Now I have four sides - Sontarans, Daleks, Cybermenm and UNIT.

18 JUN 2018 : I'm afraid of spiders. A little. But real spiders. Not giant fake spiders!

02 JUN 2018 : More box terrain. This time, some modern buildings.

26 MAY 2018 : More box terrain. This time, a minaret tower.

26 MAY 2018 : The battle of Cinco de Mayo ... a couple weeks late.

22 MAY 2018 : Tako Tuesday means ... Tako!

13 MAY 2018 : As a follow up to cartoon characters with gaming possibilities ... Kim Possible conversions.

13 MAY 2018 : I can't find him ... can you?

12 MAY 2018 : I painted up the miniatures that came with the Moongha Invaders board game.

12 MAY 2018 : In honor of Earth Day (every day is Earth Day), repurposing dinosaurs bits into a Cthuloid monster.

06 MAY 2018 : In honor of allergies and cats, a quick and simple church made from a tissue box and some really nice playing cards where the cat ate one.

06 MAY 2018 : My set of Hinterland Miniatures is done. Mostly painted, but some conversions, too.

31 APR 2018 : The Battle Report from the Annual Kaiju Gingerbread City game.

04 MAR 2018 : A set of conversion variations on the PowerPuff Girls! :)

02 MAR 2018 : A carrion crawler and the good and bad of magnetic bases! :)

25 FEB 2018 : I think these were New Age pyramid power trinkets. Now they are SciFi Pyramid Power Terrain

25 FEB 2018 : What can we do with Halloween leftovers? An Undead Dragon! (of course)

24 FEB 2018 : Apparently, I am going to try for one figure, one terrain, and one battle report post per day (on the weekend?) until I catch up a bit. So here is the setup and outcome of a Ranchers vs. Dinosaurs game.

24 FEB 2018 : Speaking of catching up with the posting ... I made a set of primitive huts from on sale easter decorations.

24 FEB 2018 : Speaking of not posting ... Here are some faerie conversions from a couple months ago!

30 DEC 2017 : We just played the 103rd Annual Christmas Truce Football Game (a couple days late). The Brits (as played by SWMBO) won!

17 SEP 2017 : The Andrews AFB Air Show is flying over my house this weekend.

16 SEP 2017 : Civilians ... civilians ... um ... strippers!

10 SEP 2017 : Gotta love movies with a toy tie-in. The latest Smurves movie gave me fodder for some gnome homes!

04 JUL 2017 : Giant Frogs!

25 JUN 2017 : Life must be lived forward, but can only be understood backwards. The Existential Dilemma (well, at least the way I like to write it). So here is a multi-layer dungeon for a 27 square foot+ dungeon crawl, crammed into a 3'x3' space.

25 JUN 2017 : Ruh Roh! Just a simple repaint of Heroclix to make Mystery, Inc. figures.

WoW! : I am the greatest of slugs. I have done lots and lots of projects over the four month gap in posts. Hopefully, I will be able to catch up.

11 FEB 2017 : Butterflies? Scorpions? No Scorpion-flies!

05 FEB 2017 : The yummiest aliens have arrived in flying yoghurts!

29 JAN 2017 : Oral hygiene is important. It results in empty mouthwash bottles that you can use to make sci fi drop ships!

22 JAN 2017 : Christmas ornaments were on sale in January. Duh. Looking through the dross, I found two Japanese animal kami waiting for their opportunity to get on the wargame table!

21 JAN 2017 : Starting with some Medieval Spanish cavalry, a few cuts and glues, and we can get camels and guns too!

16 JAN 2017 : Revisiting the 3D printer sprues, this time it is 15mm industrial ruins.

08 JAN 2017 : Time for some 15mm animal based heavy artillery!

02 JAN 2017 : Got a big terrain problem that's sweating you? Pop a cap in it!

31 DEC 2016 : A kid's toy dinosaur skeleton kit is cheap, easy to work with, and just what I needed.

24 DEC 2016 : I guess I do a lot of weird sci fi stuff. Because I used some leftovers from DOM's job to increase my terrain.

18 DEC 2016 : Tsuro is one of my fave boardgames. I took the pieces from the new game and spruced them up a bit.

18 DEC 2016 : I believe these are some type of D&D fantasy football figures. Regardless of their intent, I got some good figures to continue making animal themed conversions.

03 DEC 2016 : I got some Civil War figures and while painting them, decided they could use some steampunk help.

24 NOV 2016 : This is a simple combo for a bug based superhero that works for alternate universes, alternate versions, or just regular superheroes. He also has a theme that would fit in well with Egyptian ancient fantasy.

21 NOV 2016 : Along with the Dr. Who theme, this scifi terrain project could easily fit in an episode.

14 NOV 2016 : To go with the Doctor Who Risk, 28mm Doctor Who miniatures.

13 NOV 2016 : Well, I've been on a hiatus of posting (but not mucking about with minis), so I'll get back in the swing with my Doctor Who Risk project.

11 SEP 2016 : H. R. Geiger Aliens for 28mm!

04 SEP 2016 : Here's an AAR from a Medieval Japanese Game at the Guns of August convention last weekend.

03 SEP 2016 : Here's an AAR from Kaiju game at the Guns of August convention last weekend.

03 SEP 2016 : Skyscrapers!

01 SEP 2016 : Papier-meche is the key to a horde of robed cultists!

21 AUG 2016 : 15mm this time. U turned some modern Special Forces (US, I believe) figures and some cheap plastic tanks into a modern/near-future JXSDF!

13 AUG 2016 : By request, more detail on some giraffe conversions techniques.

07 AUG 2016 : Balancing unit and variety with Amazon warriors.

31 JUL 2016 : Leftover bodies are so much fun to turn into plants.

24 JUL 2016 : Leftover bodies are so much fun to turn into beasties.

17 JUL 2016 : Let slip the dogs of war.

16 JUL 2016 : Here's a very quick lightbox for pictures.

11 JUL 2016 : Messin' around with some superhero figures

10 JUL 2016 : Guess what I got for my birthday!

10 JUL 2016 : Giant Kauji Monsters have some special appeal to me. Maybe its just that they're easier to paint ...

22 JUN 2016 : I did two different types of chimerae. One is a pretty classical one and the other is more of an alien horror.

30 MAY 2016 : Some plain old CD jungle terrain and a cool idea for storage.

22 MAY 2016 : What says Easter more than science fiction terrain? I have no idea...

13 MAY 2016 : More Clix conversions, featuring ... luchadoras! Mind your grammar. That's an "A", not an "E".

07 MAY 2016 : I got two aquarium bridges on sale. Modded them a bit and painted them to make 28mm river spanning bridges.

01 MAY 2016 : Na na na na na na nana nana nana Ratmen!

24 APR 2016 : Black. White. Grey. film noir characters and cultists grace(?) the table this week.

15 APR 2016 : La la, la la la la ... superhero conversions..

08 APR 2016 : Keeping with the theme of giant things ... a giant insect demon. Also, apparently keeping with the theme of demonic things.

03 APR 2016 : Some ogre conversions to bridge between normal fantasy sized figures, and my giants and cyclopses.

03 APR 2016 : Giant Demoness

03 APR 2016 : A fun little set up for a Night at the Museum game.

03 APR 2016 : A couple more generics, Star Trek, and a wizard miscelaneous conversions.

29 FEB 2016 : A couple more Gatormen and a little what to do with the leftovers...

28 FEB 2016 : Here's an old Roman Gladiator Project that I did quite a while back.

28 FEB 2016 : Luchadores!

28 FEB 2016 : What is more classic scifi than brain in a jar?

23 JAN 2016 : Three different variants of Lizardmen!

16 JAN 2016 : Turning some knights away from Chaos to make Livonian Knights?

30 DEC 2015 : How do you make an easy Bamboo Forest?

30 DEC 2015 : Some simple mods to Big Die Cast Cars!

06 DEC 2015 : Hellgirl conversion.

13 NOV 2015 : Purple Dragon.

01 NOV 2015 : Yesterday's terrain project.

31 OCT 2015 : A small conversion of an archaeopteryx to get some variety out of toy models.

28 OCT 2015 : More industrial terrain. This time soda cans.

18 OCT 2015 : Some new terrain scratchbuilds made from yoghurt containers.

17 OCT 2015 : Giant Bugs

16 OCT 2015 : Hover Tanks

26 SEP 2015 : Even classic fantasy demons are not sacred. Well, really they kinda are the definintion of not sacred. Anywho ... I did a head swap and then a head swap plus with a couple of classic Reaper models.

19 SEP 2015 : Yesterday, I was telecommuting and took a long lunch hour (actually an hour) and did this quick adobe building.

17 SEP 2015 : Not really a project, but check out our Lego Sydney Opera House ... and ... a typical 15mm day in Australia.

12 SEP 2015 : Well, I need to move things along a bit, so why not hire Panda Express?

06 SEP 2015 : So I am testing out some paramaterized scenario generation material, and I end up needing an indoor location. Which I already have many of ... but ... why not try out this idea that has banging around for a modular mansion?

30 AUG 2015 : The best thing about mash up robot toys is that they are designed to be mix and match pieces. Not only does this make conversions easy, but also just plain gluing the pieces into position so they don't move. Check out the robot conversions.

25 AUG 2015 : A new shot at making carnivorous plants. This time, I added some extra bits and bobs to make them a bit more exotic.

22 AUG 2015 : This is a simple little terrain bit that pays off quite nicely using koosh balls to make plant terrain.

08 AUG 2015 : Got three miscelaneous "trash bash" projects done. A soccer ball (very large for 28mm, or I suppose, normal for 40mm), a mushroom, and a demon frog. Gotta have those demon frogs!