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Mega City One!

I've been a big fan of Judge Dredd for a couple of decades now, and really liked the Gangs of Mega City One game. Which tanked. I think it tanked for two reasons: (1) it was a Judge Dredd game, and (2) it wasn't a Judge Dredd game. That is, the game was set in the 2000 AD Mega City One milieu, so only people who are into the Judge Dredd property would pick it up. But the game is an ultra-modern gang warfare game, not a Judge Dredd focused game, so the people who picked it up looking for Dredd probably found it wanting. Oh, well ... what is more important is that because of that game I have a lot of figures for Judges, gangers, mutants, and various denziens of MCO.

This is a typical escalation scenario where it started out with some regular citizens. Then a gang walked in to cause trouble. The some juves decided to join in. Somehow renegade mutants got involved. Once it was known that Civil Defense couldn't handle it, somebody called the Judges.

One good thing about the JD property is that the uniforms for the Judges are stylized in a way that it is pretty easy to morph a lot of different figures into Judges. If you have (or can add) shoulder and kneepads, you're halfway there. Just add a blue base, green gloves and boots, and gold shoulderpads and you win. Here you can see some actual JD minis in with some Heroclix mashups that have been repainted.

Now we get a little more mashed up, not using any pieces of actual JD minis, but you can see the paint scheme really carries the day. Adding shoulder and kneepads is easy, even if you're not a detailed modeler because in the JD universe there is no such thing as "overdone".

Even this Grenadier/EM4 Space Ranger passes muster once he is arrayed in the blue, green, and gold.

And the cheap plastic gundams can play as well!

Not to be left out, if you have a figure with a helmet, a green suit and a little orange detailing pretty much identifies them as Civil Defense.

The motif pretty much works on any figure you can get. Also, in the JD universe there is no such thing as "that motorcycle is too big". :)


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