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Welcome to Irrational Number Line Games' little home on the web! We hope to become a comfortable stop in the eternal journey for that perfect wargaming experience. Tutorials, examples, and templates abound on the Internet, many with lots of tips for high end details. Our main effort is providing examples, ideas, and suggestions for the regular wargamer. Nothing wrong with high end stuff. We love it and we buy tons of it. But there's also nothing wrong with finding ways to do good, solid work without investing every spare hour in detailomania.

Our forté is simple, cheap, yet (surprisingly?) robust aids for wargaming. Tools, games, scenarios, swag, advice, examples, experience, philosophical musings, resources, hints, tips, miscelanea. We will both provide our own (some for free, some for sale) and point you to others' (some for sale, some for free). And we hope (again) to help wargamers who stop by to share, trade, and learn.


31 DEC 2013 : Didn't get around to an idea of the week last week, but this week is a two-fer. Well, a 2.75-fer, actually with a simple rock terrain piece and an interesting approach to outdoor terrain.

31 DEC 2013 : The other side of the story for fish-head conversions.

30 DEC 2013 : Not a mini or terrain project this week. Instead here is a display stand project that I have had waiting around for a while.

29 DEC 2013 : Just put Royal Kanadian Mutant Police: Mission of Merci out on Wargame Vault. Tons of post-apocalyptic fun for everyone!

16 DEC 2013 : Our new skirmish campaign, Octopi Wall Street is out on Wargame Vault! Choose a side and stop/cause the Octopocalypse!

Also, check out our Octopocalypse Now! contest for players of the OWS campaign!

14 DEC 2013 : A few anthropomorphized rabbits asian warrior style.

06 DEC 2013 : Some really nice board game pieces get updone for use with the game ... and elsewhere.

29 NOV 2013 : A few die-cast cars become beetle class transports for sci fi use.

23 NOV 2013 : A Kali figure and a couple of ruined statues, too.

14 NOV 2013 : Monkeypocalypse 2! OK ... so I'm a little short on titles right now...

07 NOV 2013 : A little bead work to make terrain pieces.

30 OCT 2013 : A few more Mon Calamari acquired means a few more space goldfish conversions. Using different bodies to explore balancing commonality and distinction in modeling. Light infantry to go with the heavy infantry and mechs we already have.

27 OCT 2013 : Yet more pig conversions. This time, using some more realistic looking pigs as source material.

20 OCT 2013 : Some painting and color scheme mapping for anthropomorphic animals. Redwall kind of stuff from Splintered Light Minis.

13 OCT 2013 : Here are some older figures I haven't shown yet. I think. US Navy squids.

06 OCT 2013 : A little work with some modern vehicles and magnetic paint. We end with a decent method to have one vehicle have a number of different options, as well as go au natural.

27 SEP 2013 : Yet another giant squid. This time, a giant-sized steampunk creation.

21 SEP 2013 : Got some Reaper Bones at Historican and did a bit of plastic surgery to make the Crimson Contingent.

14 SEP 2013 : Hovertank conversion with a number of turret options.

08 SEP 2013 : A giant beetle from outer space. What else can be said?

02 SEP 2013 : Some more beast man recapitations with a WIP. Also added a WIP to the piggies from last post.

31 AUG 2013 : This little piggy...well, just look for yourself.

25 AUG 2013 : OK ... we've been lazy on updates and ideas. So we're trying to fix that. These are both simple ones, yet a lot of fun to look at:
  • Bug Men - This time instead of high-tech, we went with low tech!
  • Some dogs we made for 28mm using a couple of tricks.

24 AUG 2013 : OK ... we've been lazy on updates and ideas. So we're trying to fix that. These are both simple ones, yet a lot of fun to look at:
  • Bug Men - This time instead of high-tech, we went with low tech!
  • Some dogs we made for 28mm using a couple of tricks.

04 AUG 2013 : We have a new game system. Path of Bones is a Classical Asian warfare game for large sides of minis (200-500). But true to INLGames' mantra, it still plays fast and furious.

20 JUL 2013 : We've released a new QILS supplement - Saga of the Death Cult! This is a century spanning set of scenarios that pit you against (or as) the Death Cult - an ancient cult of death worshippers that struggle against the powers that be as well as their own gods.

15 JUL 2013 : A quick little conversion project to capture the essence of GW WH40K Tau!

13 JUL 2013 : And to keep the variety up .. a train! With a little discourse on function versus form.

30 JUN 2013 : A little terrain this time. I used a few cheap nick-nack dust collecting buddah decorations to make some nice 28mm statues for my ruin terrain boards.

23 JUN 2013 : Two pretty much unrelated project on display this week. But they have a common theme of being bit-mashes - figures put together from a large number of different parts from different things.

15 JUN 2013 : Everybody loves zombies. Right? Well, nobody likes becomeing one, but here's how I turn regular civvies into the walking dead!

07 JUN 2013 : And a quick follow up to yesterdays fishwalkers, some GW space marines in their own mecha walkers

06 JUN 2013 : Since I emptied out a number of gumball machine toy capsules, I had to do something with them so I made some mecha walkers to support the sushi space marines.

29 MAY 2013 : Not a big fan of the whole SpongeBob thing, however any small toy can be converted into an unholy monster from beyond the stars!

Towel Day 2013 : Oh, baby you're a nag. Nag, nag, nagity-nag. You're a nag. Nag, nag, nagity-nag. you're a ... uh ... Oh! Naga. Well, that's different!

20 MAY 13 : You might remember the various and sundry conversions of Gnome Wars figures we did a while back:
  • Japanese Gnomes
  • Austrian Gnomes
  • Pumpkin Gnomes
  • American Southwest Gnomes
  • Space Gnomes
  • Well, we finally got around to finishing some stuff off, so the Mexicagnomes now have some cavalry to help them out.

    21 APR 13 : A colleague and fellow wargamer voiced his displeasure with people using Lego products for games. While I can't argue with taste, he went on to say that you can't make decent looking terrain from Legos. We disagree!

    12 APR 13 : A month ago we did some bugmen. Now we have a suitable home for them - a giant bug hive!

    05 APR 13 : Here is a nice terrain, big terrain piece that will fill your table but not empty your wallet. The Crashed Flying Saucer! Appropriate for many types of scifi and pulp campaign.

    28 MAR 13 : We thought it was time for a scenario again, so here is a good ol' romp on the tabletop ... Rednecks and Revenuers!!

    16 MAR 13 : Yet more Viridian converions. And it's a theme I've done before ... bugmen!

    11 MAR 13 : I really liked the Veridian models, so I have done a few more conversions. This time it's a retro scifi exploration team complete with some support equipment and vehicles

    01 MAR 13 : Yet more recapitations. This time some worm heads on VOID space marine bodies.

    28 FEB 13 : Got a set of cheap plastic cave men to see if they would work with ~28mm. They do, to an extent.

    28 FEB 13 : Finally got the AAR for 2012BC from Williamsburg Muster posted!

    22 FEB 13 : Yet more Mon Calamari recapitations.

    02 FEB 13 : What is better than zombies or dinosaurs? Obviously, zombies that are dinosaurs! We have a new QILS supplement Zombiesaurus Rex vs. Tricerinator. No, really. The dinos at your prehistoric park have become zombies and now your only hope is the conversion of an animatronic dinosaur into an undead killing machine.

    And in conjunction with this supplement, we are sponsoring a Contest to win a giant (well, giant in 28mm scale) zombie dinosaur!

    Or, if you prefer to make your own zombie dinosaurs, we have a tutorial on how we make ours.

    01 FEB 13 : Call an exterminator, 'coz we got BUGS! Nice bugs, scary bugs, flying bugs, crawling bugs, bugs with guns. you get the idea ... 28mm giant scifi bugs done "straight" and a buncha conversions...

    26 JAN 13 : This was a fun little project - making an unspeakable horror from beyond the pale of reason. Specifically, a mini-shoggoth. Since thousands of mile long, even at 28mm, is a bit bigger than my table, I went with a 6" segment.

    11 JAN 13 : Moving from the small to the large, here are some 28mm giant conversions using GW giant heads. These bits are very nice, plentiful, and cheap. But the giant bodies are expensive. Fortunately other giant bodies, arms, and accessories are cheap, even if the heads are not so nice. Hmmmm...

    04 JAN 13 : Ah! While I love thinking through projects and seeing what can be done with this or that (or both together), this is actually a "found project". Instead of clever in its application, it is elegant in its simplicity. So ... how do you make a vat of human flesh goo..?

    31 DEC 12 : I was browsing around 1d4chan (yes -- not the best source, but quick and easy to read without linking through to 100 other pages just to figure out what is being said) looking for some 40K background to use to finish out some Space Marines I had acquired then not needed for a project, when I stumbled across the entry for Malal. Springing from this I actually learned something useful about this bit of 40K stuff and decided to outfit some figures for Malal.

    30 DEC 12 : Well, we've been a bit slack posting miniature ideas the last couple of months. But we have been working. Here is a dump of several related projects for Gnome Wars: ... and there are still some cavalry forces coming! Soon. I hope. :)

    08 DEC 12 : This is a pretty simple little project but it shows a couple of key things about human perception and how to use a bit of psychology in figure design. This is one my my continuing characters , le Compte du Masque

    06 DEC 12 : Here's another comission job. I really like this one. The charge was "make a bunch of horror tentacle stuff". Then the customer picked the ones he liked. I had a fun time, and he got these !

    04 DEC 12 : Even though we haven't posted Ideas of the Week very regularly the last month or so, we've still been making stuff. Here is a follow up to the college school colors Space Marines with other school colors . If you remember from the first set for my daughter, I told you I would be tasked with more ...

    03 DEC 12 : I got a commission job for some modern terrain, so here are the WIP pics with some advice for making your own asphault flatboards . This set was designed for a convenience store and the surrounding road set.

    25 NOV 12 : A Troll Ball game is up at Wargame Vault for purchase. This game mirrors pick-up kick-the-ball games with a very trollish slant. Plus, the game has lots of nice 2.5D terrain and options for violence and mayhem!

    19 OCT 12 : In honor of the Judge Dredd movie (which I haven't seen yet), here are some paint ups of various things to fit the 2000 AD Mega City motif.

    10 OCT 12 : My daughter is playing Space Hulk at college, so I thought I would do some conversions and paint ups of GW figures to make a set of University of Texas @ Dallas Space Marines . School colors is always a good deal. Now I'm on the hook to make some more for relatives for Christmas ... better get painting!

    22 SEP 12 : Scifi bugs are not particularly original, but here are a set with some mods to them to expand the variety.

    22 AUG 12 : And a nice little mostly-painting conversion (with just a bit of clay added) to make some persons of stature.

    15 AUG 12 : We made it through Guns of August and had a great time! Looking forward to the Williamsburg Muster already. We've posted up after action reviews of the games we ran, One Little Outpost, a sci-fi crossing of lines scenario and Little Crow's Skirmishes, which recreated the Sioux uprising in 1862 (the year 1862 being the theme for GOA 2012).

    02 AUG 12 : Well, hopefully it's far enough after the Harry Potter craze to co-opt some of the figures without being dismissed out of hand. Either way, here are some nice HP-type goblins!

    20 JUL 12 : This week we are finishing some preparations for the ODMS' Guns of August convention. One of the games we will be running is a modern crossing of lines scenario.

    13 JUL 12 : In the grim darkness of the future there is only me making stuff myself instead of paying over $40 each for Dark Eldar Haemonculi constructs.

    07 JUL 12 : This week we have an idea for some more robots. This time, they're smaller (~32mm), but plentiful.

    23 JUN 12 : This week we have an idea for some Giant Steampunk Robots! Can't have too many of them, now, can you?

    02 FEB 12 : Ace Goodknight is at it again! This time, he is a globetrotting, headbreaking hero in "Around the World on Eighty Dollars".

    15 JAN 12 : Dirigibles of Doom, a beer'n'pretzels extrordinaire is now available for $.99 at Wargame Vault. Check it out! Blow Stuff up!

    27 DEC 11 : Fear the Luftwaffle!

    24 DEC 11 : The robots have landed at Wargame Vault! Giant robots! Destroying things! And each other!

    29 NOV 11 : We just released a pair of new film noir style adventures on Wargame Vault!

    08 OCT 11 : We have a new set of QILS scenarios, Horror Night Thirteen, all themed for Halloween using plots from favorite horror movies up at Wargame Vault.

    08 SEP 11 : It's September. Caverns of the Cretaceous is up for sale at Wargame Vault.

    06 AUG 11 : Added a couple of cool gaming aid tools to our Wargame Vault store. One for doing combos from lists (like random names or NPC stats) and another for making pipe connectors for miniature terrain. Check 'em out!