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Free Stuff

All this material is offered for free to be used, but it is still our stuff. You can download it, copy it, print it, give it away ... but you can't package it up with other stuff and sell it. Feel free to build from or develop content for these rules and package up and sell that stuff (or give it away free!), but don't include our core material. Link or reference back to it.

Quick Intermediate Level Skirmish (QILS)

This is our flagship product - yet another set of wargaming rules. QILS (pronounced "kills" or "that stupid Q game") is a genre independent individual level combat engagement game that focuses on fast play and tactical maneuver warfare. Combat is boiled down to a few simple dice rules to keep your attention focused on tactics vice tables.

Game complexity has been offloaded from play to design. Learning to design units is simple. Mastering it ... well, let us know if you do. Out of the box (well, .pdf), the rules come with a nice handful of units and scenarios to get you into hours of slashing and shooting in just a few minutes.

Come grab a free copy at Wargame Vault and check out the supplements and other stuff, too.

2000AD Judge Dredd paint ups

Some paint ups of stuff to fit the Judge Dredd motif.

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